ToughPuff, MopHead & Gin

I have 2 bunbies that I could not live without! You can check out their adventures here :D :

Since I was little I always wanted a bunny and a dog. Living in Niseko has given me the ability to have both! I got Puffy in Apr 2015, he is a mini lionhead :) Later, I thought to get him a companion even though he had bonded very tightly with me. I found Moppy in Apr 2016! Bonding of these two were pretty easy, and there were alot of info available online.

I thought to add a puppy to my little zoo, and did lots of research about the best type of dog breed to get along with other animals, how gentle they are, and of course bonding. There were a few articles of bonding a new bunny kit to your current dogs, but not the other way around. These entries will be what I did each day. Please understand that these are not guaranteed methods, rather trial and error ideas that may or may not work for my trio!

Bonding a New Puppy to Your Current Bunny Boss(es):