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First Turns for 14/15!

OH BABY! First ride for the season! So happy to get my snow legs back. Bit wobbly at the start, did a couple of cartwheels. But the powder! THE POWDER!10478020_667037750079512_6912869100180864841_n (Medium)

Here’s a bonus pic of Woodley the powder lion of Niseko =P10417554_10152825173836827_7236331899353485068_nPhoto credit to the sexiest kiwi in the world, @hayd0ss


Kutchan PotaTo PARTAY!

This weekend was Kutchan’s biggest event of the year! じゃが祭り! (Jaga Matsuri, Potato Festival, Potato Party, NO POTATO NO LIFE!)jaga

Kutchan Town is famous for potatoes. Their mascot is Jagata-kun, a skiing potato! If you visit Hirafu in the winter, you might see him all around the village!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the festival until quarter to 8, as Ali-chan had to work till 7. I didn’t get to see Jagata-kun mucking abt =( I did get to see the 1,000 people dance, that obstructed me to food/second dinner/Elvis Kebab.  Also, my favourite ginger in the whole entire world, Ali-chan, got forced by an ojichan to participate in the dance! =P2014-08-03-21-07-33_deco

2014-08-03-21-08-45_decoI did eat potatoes! But I forgot to take a pic cause I got distracted by this guy!2014-08-03-21-07-01_decoI have not seen him for yonks! Woodley, you’re so cute!

And, as per all Japanese festivals, fireworks to end the night!2014-08-03-21-04-35_deco