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First Turns for 14/15!

OH BABY! First ride for the season! So happy to get my snow legs back. Bit wobbly at the start, did a couple of cartwheels. But the powder! THE POWDER!10478020_667037750079512_6912869100180864841_n (Medium)

Here’s a bonus pic of Woodley the powder lion of Niseko =P10417554_10152825173836827_7236331899353485068_nPhoto credit to the sexiest kiwi in the world, @hayd0ss


Ponder of the Night: Re-energized

Wow, it has been amazing how re-energized and psyched for the winter I have become in these 2-3 short weeks my family came to visit. I have really taken for granted the preciousness and passive encouragement that comes from being around the people whom I care/love and who care for and love me back.

niseko dreaming (Medium)I have family and friends pretty much visiting Niseko (and me too!) every month this winter. Not many people who work here can say that. I feel very blessed to have people in my life who take the time to visit me (even though their main goal is the mountain =P). I also was informed this week that my two best mates are coming to Niseko for THREE weeks!! =D I didn’t get to spend much time with them last winter, so I can’t wait to see them this time round <3 much love

*come at me bro!* I am ready AND psyched for the winter hectic-ness! I hope to see you all in Niseko this winter ( ^___^ )v

Busy Busy at Akazora!

I’ve been busy boarding.. partying.. working.. but so good! Loving it so much here in Niseko!

I am working at Akazora, so I’m just going to do abit of shameless advertising =P1460058_10151753851081426_1442228258_nLocated in the heart of Hirafu Village, Akazora is an apartment style hotel with a full kitchen facilities and catering services. For the foodies, it’s located to so many great noms like Ezo Seafood, Niseko Ramen and Kamimura (1 Michelin Star).

Akazora is located just a 5min walk from the closest chairlift (Family Pair). The free shuttle bus that loops around the village to the Hirafu Gondola also stops right in front of Akazora.

Come visit us at Akazora! We’ll definitely make your stay in Niseko an unforgettable experience! =D

Home.. but still dreaming of snow

I’ve been back home for about 2.5 weeks now… but I can’t stop thinking about the snow, the trees, and the comfort of powder!

Hanazono, Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

My 2013 Japan trip has been a blast. Travelling around Tokyo for a week with Gandi, living it up for free in the Hyatt at Shinjuku! Ahh… reality, why have you returned?!

I suppose you know it’s bad when you living from holiday to holiday. I can’t seem to quite enjoy the life I have at home. Don’t get me wrong, J, my friends and family, I cannot be more happy about my relationships. But my work life has brought me to the lowest levels I have ever been. And I need to find a new direction for my own sanity. Easier said than done.. why? Cause I have absolutely no idea what I want to do, or what I’d like to do as a career! =P

Anyways, this attitude is a downer. So let’s talk about more happy things! The photos in the trees was taken in Hanazono. I fell over,  and just sat there and was just in awe of the beauty of the scenery. This was towards the end of the trip, and your body is exhausted, but you keep pushing to get that little bit more, to keep the excitement! Mostly to just appreciate where you are, right there and then.

No matter how many times I go through the trees, it is so quiet in there, but it’s not the scary kind of quiet. You glide through on your board, and the snow is falling, the powder is all around you, and you can’t hear a thing. It’s surprisingly comforting (#^___^#) Sometimes, if I fall over, I would just sit/lie there and stare upwards at the snow covered trees, the sky, look around at the powder piles. But I can’t stay for too long, cause I’m white top up! Hahaha, when I realize where I am, I hope no one runs into me! It’s so beautiful in the backcountry. Just breath taking.

Next post, I have to talk about snowmobiling! That’s definitely a must do in Niseko too!