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First Turns for 14/15!

OH BABY! First ride for the season! So happy to get my snow legs back. Bit wobbly at the start, did a couple of cartwheels. But the powder! THE POWDER!10478020_667037750079512_6912869100180864841_n (Medium)

Here’s a bonus pic of Woodley the powder lion of Niseko =P10417554_10152825173836827_7236331899353485068_nPhoto credit to the sexiest kiwi in the world, @hayd0ss


Busy Busy at Akazora!

I’ve been busy boarding.. partying.. working.. but so good! Loving it so much here in Niseko!

I am working at Akazora, so I’m just going to do abit of shameless advertising =P1460058_10151753851081426_1442228258_nLocated in the heart of Hirafu Village, Akazora is an apartment style hotel with a full kitchen facilities and catering services. For the foodies, it’s located to so many great noms like Ezo Seafood, Niseko Ramen and Kamimura (1 Michelin Star).

Akazora is located just a 5min walk from the closest chairlift (Family Pair). The free shuttle bus that loops around the village to the Hirafu Gondola also stops right in front of Akazora.

Come visit us at Akazora! We’ll definitely make your stay in Niseko an unforgettable experience! =D

Eric Jackson. Pic from TransWorld Snowboarding (Wallpaper Wednesdays)
Eric Jackson – Making Turns and Catching Air.                      Pic from TransWorld Snowboarding (Wallpaper Wednesdays)

The key to life is to live each day like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re sitting on the couch, you’re obviously not riding the powder. So maybe you should get off the couch and go ride some powder.

-Andy Mahre [Like There’s No Tomorrow (2011)]


Definitely feeling some wanderlust right abt now…..

Deena - Lone Wolf Pic from : Deena Music fb page
Deena – Lone Wolf                                                                                                                                                                                Pic from : Deena Music fb page

In case the embed doesn’t work… check out Wanderlust by Deena! She’s an indie singer/songwriter from Brisbane.

Currently dreaming: 3month exploration of Japan

An onsen at Mt Fuji Pic from: Visit Japan Now fb page
An onsen at Mt Fuji.                                                                                                                                                                      Pic from: Visit Japan Now fb page

!!Newsflash!! Mt Fuji just got listed as a World Heritage Site by the UN just over the past week!

Have you been to Mt Fuji? I’ve been to the train station near Mt Fuji =P So I would like to go again. Another World Heritage listed place in Japan I wanna go to is Shirakawago in Takayama, Hida prefecture.  It’s famous for sake I’ve heard ( * ¬ * )

World Heritage Listed Shirakawago Pic from: 白川郷(Shirakawa-go) fb page
World Heritage Listed Shirakawago.                                                                                                         Pic from: 白川郷(Shirakawa-go) fb page