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Freeletics Coach: Week 12 Freeletics Coach: Week 13

Today marks the end of my Freeletics Coach journey. I did not manage to complete all 15 weeks.. This is probably due to poor planning. However, on the weeks I did not do Freeletics, I was probably doing weight training =P (except that one week when I attempted to eat the whole of Singapore XD)

Start of Week 0 //  end of Week 13:2014.10.05 - wk0v13 notenseMy Week  12 Freeletics coach sessions were:

  1. Venus (35.43*)
  2. Gaia 8/10 (46:39)
  3. Aphrodite (40:52*), Metis x2 STR (23:04)

My Week  13 Freeletics coach sessions were:

  1. Hades (41:34*)
  2. Poseiden x2, but I only did 1 (08:47)

The new coach system introduced the option to choose how many sessions you want a week, this was good for me as it allowed me to do Freeletics around weight training.

Review: Freeletics was a wonderful start for me, kicked my ass into gear and got me motivated for the beginning of my weight loss journey. Over the first 10 weeks, I competed against my time. I thrived on beating my own PB.

However, with the introduction of the new coach system, all my PBs were wiped and I could feel my motivation begin to dwindle. So all the results I worked hard for over the last 10 weeks were wiped off and I had nothing to compete against. I also knew I was not going to continue on with coach as I won’t be able to run in a town that averages 18m of snow in 5 months.

I began to focus on weight training, while looking to youtube channels or back to Jillian Michaels for cardio based training.

Status: Very pleased. But let’s keep improving!


b(# ‘o’ #)d


Freeletics Coach: Week 11

rant I swapped over to the new Coach this week.. I was not pleased with the new set up. What is this running bs? Firstly, I didn’t pay you to tell me to run 8km! Secondly, I live in a place where snow covers the roads for half the year, I am not going to pay for access to a boring ass treadmill. Why is there no option to not have running? ok /rant

So, this week was still Singapore food fueled high. I don’t expect my results to have improved! But no regrets! Singaporeans need all these delicious foods! It is just inbuilt into our DNA! Durian, mooncakes, nonya bazhang, jweekueh, all the kuehs, satay, coffee ribs.. I can keep going on an on!!

With the heat and humidity, I found it really hard to do any exercise.. even by 9am it was waaayyy too hot. Apparently, Singapore army actually bans outdoor exercising between 11am and 3pm due to possible death by heatstroke =P So I completed Week 11 over two weeks….

My Week  11 Freeletics coach sessions were:

  1. Isis (45:55)
  2. PushUp 50 (03:18*), SitUp 100 (06:49*), Frogger 50 (04:15*), Iris (47:52)
  3. 8km run (omitted, submitted a random time)
  4. Apollon 2/3 Edurance (20:29*), Venus (28:16)
  5. Kentauros (57:10*)

Status at the end of Singapore: Mooncake XD

After attempting to eat Singapore and a week later (today):2014.09.21

Pure & Lean: Week 4

Nothing too drastic to my meals this week. I had a cheat meal at Kamimura (1 Michelin Star) for my birthday though! Thank you Midori no Ki! =D I love my company hehe2014-08-28-21-41-32_decoApart from that, introduced edamame beans back into me diet. Oh how I love edamameee

Measurement movements:pure wk4

Visual comparison:2014.08.31 PL wk0v4 

Pure & Lean: Week 3

I had my first follow up meeting with Anthony, since our initial consult. I shared with him my results and he was super happy for me! However, he felt the weight loss is too rapid to be sustainable. 2014.08.23 (Large)So, bread was added to my pre-training meals! SUPER HAPPY CAUSE I LOVE BREAD =D Pre-training is now a slice of dense bread, almond butter and bananas. Super yum! Gonna get my bake on again, wee!

In terms of food, I didn’t change too much of my diet. I found dattan soba, and I really wanted it! Turns out it is roughly the same nutritional values as genmai (brown rice)! So I just did a little swapsys.

I had somewhat of a second cheat meal? It was the Niseko Matsuri last night, so I had 2 little sticks of yakitori, a small chilli bean soft taco and a third of a chicken quesadilla. It seems to be mostly within my meal plan, except the cheese meant more fats than usual.

Measurement movements:pure wk3I forgot to weigh myself this morning, so will do it tomorrow.. oops!

Visual comparison:2014.08.24 PL wk0v3 (Large)I really should try to take my pics in the same spot!

Pure & Lean: Week 2

LINEcamera_share_2014-08-13-21-05-12New addition! My Natural Factors whey protein powder and Quest bars have arrived from iHerb!

So this week from Thursday onward, I added protein powder to me mornin’ oats =) mmm strawberry. I love strawberry protein… don’t judge my brotein! Tbh, I wanted French Vanilla, or any vanilla, but it doesn’t ship into Japan?!

Review: Natural Factors is really good! I really recommend it =) It’s not overly sweet, and the sweetness and smell is more like a homemade strawberry jam than a fake strawberry shake smell.. if that makes any sense. The Quest bars are delicious too! Abit too sweet for me, so it is a nice treat. It does make me feel like having more though ( >__<!) I like the vanilla almond crunch more than the cinnamon rolls. Think I will try the coconut and something, and the choc brownies next time =D

This week, I mixed up my meal plan a little. Exciting!! Haha, naaah.. I substituted rice for sweet potatoes, and yogurt for Quest. Also indulged in scallops, twice! I think scallops are ok, right? I changed it up to sweet potatoes and bought like 6 lunches worth of sweetpots, but all I wanted was genmai rice =( oops!

I was ridiculously tired by Saturday, but did not change my meal plans. I couldn’t get in touch with Anthony, so I did abit of research. And I guess with the change in diet, your body is getting used to it and you will feel tired for the first 3-4 weeks. Best is to just get more sleep. So, I slept for 10 hrs! I do feel much better today =)

Measurement movement:pure wk2Visual comparison:2014.08.17 PL wk0v2

Asus Vivobook.. GET!

exportWeee first post from my vivobook! I got the 11.6″ with an i3 cpu. So far I’m quite liking it, I like the keyboard feedback, the touch screen seems ok, the colour and screen resolution is nice. No complaints so far, well for $599AUD delivered + 30% tax refund i really can’t complain XD

I got the vivobook for very basic needs, ie web browsing… well just web browsing! hahahah can’t live without my fb, blogging, email etc. Anyways this is mostly a travel pc, so I’ll still be sticking to my quad core i7 beast at home.. not really a beast the mobo is in need of an upgrade me thinks =P

Phantom Full Size case by NZXT Pic from NZXT
Phantom Full Size case by NZXT                                                                                                                                                                               Pic from NZXT

I’ve got a NZXT Phantom case, it’s really beautiful! I  could only find the White with blue LEDs in Brisbane, but what I REALLY wanted was this……

drooolssss... Pic from overclock.net
drooolssss…                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pic from overclock.net

So over the course of writing this post, the chrome browser seemed to maximize and minimize from normal window to full screen everytime I touch the mouse pad… a tad annoying… is there a way to avoid this? use a normal mouse?? =P

The Phantom Tollbooth

Chapter I: Milo

There was once a boy named Milo who didn’t know what to do with himself — not just sometimes, but always.

When he was in school he longed to be out, and when he was out he longed to be in. On the way he thought about coming home, and coming home he thought about going. Wherever he was he wished he were somewhere else, and when he got there he wondered why he’d bothered. Nothing really interested him — least of all the things that should have.

I totally relate to Milo at the moment.

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster is an excellent book. It is my favourite book of all times. Even more than The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss! Rothfuss, you’re close though!

Milo doesn’t see the point in many things and goes through his childhood in a very apathetic manner. One day, he gets home from school and there’s a giant box with his name on it. He opens it, constructs it and it turns out to be a tollbooth. Thus begins his journey to cure his boredom. On the way, he learns the importance of words, numbers, time and many other critical aspects of our daily lives.

The first part of the book, Milo ends up in the Doldrums. How you do end up in the Doldrums, by not thinking, about anything! Sadly, that’s me.. hahaha. Anyways as he travels along, he meets 2 companions, Tock the WatchDog that makes a ticking sound, and the easy going Humbug.

The book is really cleverly written. Milo goes on an adventure with Tock and Humbug to save the Princesses, Rhyme and Reason. He learns to eats his words at Dictionopolis, and the wonders of numbers from the Mathemagician at Digitopolis.

I’ve just started to read the book again. Perhaps I’ll gain some insight to how to make the most of my time, instead of trying to fufill external expectations of me which results me in just sitting around not really giving a crap.. heh..

Anyways, get reading on this book, it’s definitely a feel-good book =D

"The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster
“The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster