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Freeletics Coach: Week 10 Pure & Lean: Week 5

This week’s results are dismal! I didn’t even bother taking any comparison photos.. I am currently on a 2 week holiday.. food holiday in Singapore XD hahah

This week I had 5 Freeletics sessions, that I squeezed into 3 days as I was travelling, and just didn’t really have much time… My Week  10 Freeletics coach sessions were:

  1. Atlas (42:05*)
  2. Ares (10:00), SplitLungeMAX (90*)
  3. Hyperion (23:28)
  4. Atlas (41:52*)
  5. Ares (09:09), SplitLungeMAX (95*)

I combined Atlas, Ares and SplitMAX into one day sessions. Unfortunately, I did not have access to a pullup bar/surface, so I had to complete Ares with either raised pushups or tricep dips.

Needless to say, my structured eating went out the window! pure wk5


Pure & Lean: Week 4

Nothing too drastic to my meals this week. I had a cheat meal at Kamimura (1 Michelin Star) for my birthday though! Thank you Midori no Ki! =D I love my company hehe2014-08-28-21-41-32_decoApart from that, introduced edamame beans back into me diet. Oh how I love edamameee

Measurement movements:pure wk4

Visual comparison:2014.08.31 PL wk0v4 

A wander around Melb with my little brother =D

Today I had a lunch date with my little brother! yay! It’s always fun to just chill with him. I have missed my little brother! In the last one and a half years since he moved to Melbourne, I have only seen him for a total of….. a week? =(((

We were going to have high tea at the National Gallery of Victoria, but it was full… aaannnddd kinda expensive =P So we made our way over Chez Dré at South Melbourne. We had to wait for 35mins, so we wandered across the road to have a look at the South Melbourne Markets as I have never been before. Our fattiness got the better of us, and we got a corn fritter from the Spanish restaurant (I forget the name but it’s near the corner of York and Cecil, with the seafood stall), and grilled octopus from the seafood stall. THEY WERE BOTH FREAKING DELICIOUS =D I love Melbourne food!


Then we headed back to Chez Dré for lunch. We got the pulled duck confit sandwich with onion jam, purple cabbage AND TRUFFLE MAYO! It was sooooooooo damn good! Definite recommend! For dessert, I got the Chocolate, Mandarin and Macadamia, and my brother got the Green Tea, Black Sesame and Mango. I was soooooooooo full i couldn’t finish my dessert =( They were pretty good, but I rate Shocolate better (for dessert) =P

Pretty table setting =)
Pretty table setting =)
Guava and apple juice was really good too!
Guava and apple juice was really good too!
This is what failure looks like ( T______T ) sooo disappointed in myself...
This is what failure looks like ( T______T ) sooo disappointed in myself…

I wanted to have a look at Made in Japan, which is a Japanese ceramics store (also sells old school wooden furniture). The ceramics are actually quite decently priced, and when on sale, can be even cheaper than the Daiso (where everything is $2.80)!


After this, we walked around and met up with our cousin and my friends to catch Pacific Rim at Melbourne Central. Definitely an enjoyable movie!! There were plot holes, but the CG WAS FANTASTIC! I would recommend watching it =)

New suits anyone?
New suits anyone?
Cute drawing hanging on a tree in Giraffe Cafe
Cute drawing hanging on a tree in Giraffe Cafe
What a baller! Some store in Melbourne Central
What a baller! Some store in Melbourne Central

Gekkazan, Superdry and Kurobuta

It was another nice sunny day today! So, naturally, I took selfies inside the house! XD

おはよう! ( ^_____^ )

Today I went with my cousin to her IELTs test. It’s the oral part of the English test for Australian PR. I waited for her while she talked abt Google Glass. Her topic was advertisement/advertising.


After this we headed over to Gekkazan for a warm lunch! I got Ebi Udon and she got the winter special, Tonkotsu Ramen. The tonkotsu was really really good! om nom nom!

Gekkazan: Ebi Udon and Tonkotsu Ramen
Gekkazan: Ebi Udon and Tonkotsu Ramen

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