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Getting hit right in the feels

A few of my babies, who I grew close to over these past 5 months in Niseko, have finally left/are leaving.

I just had to say my goodbyes with this sexy ciggie butt brain this morning

And then just another to Geoffles, who’s leaving tomorrow morning.

Goodbyes suck. But I know they are going to have the time of their lives living it up an Japan and am super happy for them! Till next time, much love <3


Ponder of the Night: Re-energized

Wow, it has been amazing how re-energized and psyched for the winter I have become in these 2-3 short weeks my family came to visit. I have really taken for granted the preciousness and passive encouragement that comes from being around the people whom I care/love and who care for and love me back.

niseko dreaming (Medium)I have family and friends pretty much visiting Niseko (and me too!) every month this winter. Not many people who work here can say that. I feel very blessed to have people in my life who take the time to visit me (even though their main goal is the mountain =P). I also was informed this week that my two best mates are coming to Niseko for THREE weeks!! =D I didn’t get to spend much time with them last winter, so I can’t wait to see them this time round <3 much love

*come at me bro!* I am ready AND psyched for the winter hectic-ness! I hope to see you all in Niseko this winter ( ^___^ )v

Ponder of the Night: Where is the love of your life?

Not who, but where. Not where is the person, but which place in the world.

For the longest time, I’ve been telling people that Japan is the love of my life. Since my very first trip, I’ve always had that longing to see the country again, to be in its embrace once again. And when I have to leave, it’s a sense of dread, constant wondering of “When will I be back?”, and it’s a counting down of days.

I’ve never had such strong emotions for the partners throughout my life. It may sound cold, but if they weren’t around while I traveled, that’s fine by me. Even more so in Japan, I would forget about them. But I never failed to buy many gifts for my very close friends! Strange yeh?! XD

It’s not just the city lights of Tokyo that attract me (though I am somewhat of a moth =P), but surprisingly, I fell in love with the rural towns, the country’s history and folklore, and curiosity toward their culture grew. But mostly, the beauty of the landscape, I can’t get enough of it. 2013-09-17-00-23-26_deco (Large)

Where is the love of your life?

Singapore means a crazy happy (and fat) me!

2013-08-14-02-01-00_decoSince touching down last night, I have pretty much ate  non-stop hahah \( ^O^ )/

I had dinner with my brother and sister-in-law at a food court at NEX. Forgot to take pics cause I was starving! Had wonton charsiew mee, black chai tow kueh, and chendol. Then I came home and devoured mao shan wang durian!!! mmmmmm =D

This morning, I had nonya style zhong zhe. SOOO GOOOD *insert tears of happiness emote* This is glutinous rice flour stuffed with sweet pork (specially cooked of course =P) and wrapped in a triangular pyramid shape, then boiled in water. Delicious!2013-08-14-02-01-59_deco

2013-08-14-02-04-59_decoThen I went to town and got my hurrrr did at Queen’s Cut at Far East. I ended up falling asleep at the hair washing sink. This was the first salon I have been to where the hair wash seat was like a bed! You lie down totally flat! It was so comfortable! I also got a Death Star for my head! xD

I really loved the end result of my hair. I asked for root touch up, highlights, treatment and just a fringe trim. They were so helpful and explained everything they were doing. Really wonderful service. And they had a promo price of $128SGD for colour+highlights and they threw in a free scalp treatment for me!  Definitely recommend =) Here’s a picture of the hair colour (don’t mind me.. I look really tired X[ ) Continue reading Singapore means a crazy happy (and fat) me!

“How are you feeling?”

It has been abt 2 months since my older brother and sister-in-law saw me. The last time they saw me was… when J broke up with me.. aaannnnd I locked myself in my room for 2 days, wallowing in bed…. Heh….

They took me out for dinner the moment I landed. In the car, she asked how I was feeling. I just said “I’m ok”, but I should have said:

I am glad. I am excited. I am scared. I am nervous. I am blessed. I am relieved. I am loved. I am ready to go.

What I am NOT: sad and regretful =)

Ponder of the night: Parental Wisdom

daddy and i2Tonight, daddy and I had a father-daughter date! We don’t have many of these father-daughter dates, but when we do, he gets a tuxedo, and I get chicken twisties and crab for dinner! hahahah

Over dinner, dad started talking to me abt some drama with a couple families we know, and somehow he’s slowly getting dragged into it to be middle man. He doesn’t want to, but the awesome part of him feels he has to help them. Let’s just say chance of null hypothesis is very very high. This lead us onto a huge range of topics: relationships, life, loneliness, faith, technology, business models, learning Chinese. “Why can’t you guys be more like dad and speak more dialects?? *sigh*” =P

My dad is a very smart man. I’m not just saying that cause he’s my dad. He’s retired now, but has worked hard his whole life, and raise us 3 kids – all in different cities. He’s a very blessed, God-fearing man. I admire him ALOT.  But why is it, we never turn to our parents first for advice?

Do you go to your parents first when you’re down in the dumps?
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(This is another Pietro squeeeeeee XD really it’s pt2 to I love you, Pietro! XD)

I’M SORRY PIETRO! But a crappy tshirt for my butterfly donation was a terrible trade..HNI_0078I did give him an arowana when he asked for a river fish though, so I thought that was preeetty awesome! I didn’t even want the crappy playroom wallpaper! XPHNI_0079

Just once more proving that Pietro is an otaku XDHNI_0033
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