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Freeletics Coach: Week 10 Pure & Lean: Week 5

This week’s results are dismal! I didn’t even bother taking any comparison photos.. I am currently on a 2 week holiday.. food holiday in Singapore XD hahah

This week I had 5 Freeletics sessions, that I squeezed into 3 days as I was travelling, and just didn’t really have much time… My Week  10 Freeletics coach sessions were:

  1. Atlas (42:05*)
  2. Ares (10:00), SplitLungeMAX (90*)
  3. Hyperion (23:28)
  4. Atlas (41:52*)
  5. Ares (09:09), SplitLungeMAX (95*)

I combined Atlas, Ares and SplitMAX into one day sessions. Unfortunately, I did not have access to a pullup bar/surface, so I had to complete Ares with either raised pushups or tricep dips.

Needless to say, my structured eating went out the window! pure wk5


Pure & Lean: Week 4

Nothing too drastic to my meals this week. I had a cheat meal at Kamimura (1 Michelin Star) for my birthday though! Thank you Midori no Ki! =D I love my company hehe2014-08-28-21-41-32_decoApart from that, introduced edamame beans back into me diet. Oh how I love edamameee

Measurement movements:pure wk4

Visual comparison:2014.08.31 PL wk0v4 

Busy Busy at Akazora!

I’ve been busy boarding.. partying.. working.. but so good! Loving it so much here in Niseko!

I am working at Akazora, so I’m just going to do abit of shameless advertising =P1460058_10151753851081426_1442228258_nLocated in the heart of Hirafu Village, Akazora is an apartment style hotel with a full kitchen facilities and catering services. For the foodies, it’s located to so many great noms like Ezo Seafood, Niseko Ramen and Kamimura (1 Michelin Star).

Akazora is located just a 5min walk from the closest chairlift (Family Pair). The free shuttle bus that loops around the village to the Hirafu Gondola also stops right in front of Akazora.

Come visit us at Akazora! We’ll definitely make your stay in Niseko an unforgettable experience! =D