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Youtei Summer Misson

On Sunday night, at abt 8pm, Lukey and I decided that we would hike Youtei in the morning. So, we found ourselves at the base of Youtei 12.5hrs later. I really didn’t do any research at all. We went up the Hirafu Trail, starting at Hangetsu-ko (半月湖).Youtei Hirafu TrailI didn’t really take too many pictures.. pittance compared to my Fuji posts (Day 1 and Day 2)! Mostly because my face was a fountain, and I needed my hands to grab onto trees for support. The climb was much harder than Fuji, in my opinion, it is definitely not a trail hike! I almost gave up abt 2049 times, and I began to regret my spur of the moment climbing decision somewhere between the 3rd and 4th station….

And once again, I was not equipped with the right shoes… descending via the Hirafu trail with Nike running shoes was a death defying feat! =P

I found some wild strawberries along the way to the 2nd stationDSC00881After the 5th station, the clouds cleared up abit and we could see Mt Annupuri (the Niseko ski field) in the distance!DSC00897

After 5hrs.. we finally reached the craters! We hung out and had lunch up there. Guess what? There is data connection at 1,898m above sea level! =P2014-07-07-18-32-52_deco 2014-07-07-20-02-35_deco

As I mentioned, I almost died many times on the way down due to the lack of grip Continue reading Youtei Summer Misson


First Hike of the Summer!

After 2 weeks of rain and gloom, summer has finally come back to Niseko!

A few of us decided that a climb is in order to celebrate this glorious day of Sun! Our hike started with a bear warning, but off we went anyways! =P1The hike itself is roughly 40-50mins up. It is a proper climb with having to navigate through rocks and boulders. This is not a relaxing trail hike. Nevertheless, it is a really good climb with excellent photo opportunities!


After our hike, Chef Laurie treated us to a magnificient BBQ =D hontou ni arigatsss!=D2014-06-23-13-04-03_deco (Large)

Day 17 – Rain Rain Go Away… (Shin-Hotaka)

Verdict: I WILL RETURN!! =D Also, for transportation, I recommend going to the Takayama Lawson and asking for the Okuhida and Kamikochi Combo Bus Pass. [Please scroll to the bottom of the post for Transport Options!]

The Shin-Hotaka Ropeway is within the Oku-Hida region. The Ropeway takes you onto on of the Japanese Alps so that you may have a view of the WHOLE alps. Unfortunately, due to typhoon approaching, I did not see much. 

My morning started off pretty gloomy =( I saw a really cute obachan on the bus though =)2013-09-01-08-03-33_deco

The Ropeway is famous for being the first to have double decker gondola and for having the greatest gondola elevation climb in the country! The trip up to 2,155m consists of two ropeways, and from the final station (Nishi-Hokataguchi Station) you can take a 3-4hr hike through the forests up to the peak of 2,909m.IMG_0015and so that was my plan….. However, the higher we climbed the more I prepared myself for disappointment…. IMG_0032This was the view from the 2,155m lookout platform =(IMG_0037 Continue reading Day 17 – Rain Rain Go Away… (Shin-Hotaka)

Day 5 – 26hrs of Fuji love

**WARNING: Very LONG photospam post! =P**

Day 2 of Fuji, Verdict: Super fun! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to conquer this mountain. BRING SUNSCREEN AND LATHER UP!!!!!! For the descend, if like me (and you were too cheap to buy hiking boots) you wore runners, I recommend climbing back down the ascend trail, Yoshida. From the 7th station upward, the Yoshida Trail is like rock climbing, it’s really fun to go up. At least for me =P So on the descend you will bump into alot of people who are ascending, this will drag out your descend time. But I think it’s better for your ankles =P

I disliked the Subashiri descend Trail as I was wearing Nike running shoes (LunarGlides), which had zero grip on gravel. Also there were not many rest stops on this trail at all. And you’ll encounter bulldozer like trucker transporting goods = DUST EVERYWHERE!

Though that said I am bias, as I was dead by then and just grumpy =P

So points to keep in mind, when loving Fujisan:

  1. Wear hiking boots.
  2. Constantly sunscreen.
  3. Bring warm clothes, and lots of water. Unless you’re a rich dude.
  4. Descend via Yoshida Trail.
  5. REST!
  6. Finally, HAVE FUN!!!! =DDD

Story Time:

Asano said he couldn’t carry on after the 8th Station. So Mike and I carried on without him. Mike finally let me know the altitude sickness was getting to him and he needed to have a sleep at the 8.5th Station. So I let him have a 20min nap before we needed to carry on again.  Well Mike napped, and I tried to (and failed), an oyaji sat down next to me. He brought his doggy along and was trying to make shoes for him outta some human gloves! IMAG4728I offered to help him hold the dog as he made the shoes, as the dog was getting really excited. I didn’t know how to say this in Japanese, so i just said “Help??” as I reached out to hold the leash. He pulled the leash closer to him and had a OMGWTFISHAPPENING look so I said “er.. nevermind” hahahah =(

After Mike woke up, we continued up to the 9th Station. It’s not really a Station, it’s just a dilapidated shrine (again), Mike said he really needed to rest as he was getting really nauseous. I was getting pretty tired myself. It was abt 4:25am by this stage I believe. IMG_0350So, I decided to call it quits (disappointing, I know T______T ) and camp out at the 9th Station for a sunrise spot. I am not going to lie, just being stationed for 30mins waiting for the rise, it was FKN FREEZING! But I busied myself walking and jumping around, looking for tripod spots. I didn’t manage to find any, as there was a guard (I think) there, and he was telling off the Japanese people who stood on the shrine’s roof. Never the less, I got some really really nice shots:DSC00198 Continue reading Day 5 – 26hrs of Fuji love

Day 4 – Conquering Fuji, Attempt 1!

**WARNING: Very LONG photospam post! =P**

Day 1 of Fuji, Verdict: My adrenaline was still pumping by 12am, so I didn’t need to sleep at all. I was really hungry though! Here at the 8th hut we rested for abt an hour or so, I managed to have more rest (just sitting down in the cold) as I arrived alot sooner than the boys. Depending on if you’re a early bird or night owl, book your accommodation at the huts accordingly. I’m in a night owl, and I got PLENTY of rest the night before, so I actually saved at least 8,000yen by foregoing a futon to sleep a couple hours. I found the climb to be quite warm. It is not until you have to sit and rest for a couple hours does the wind start to eat away at your, i highly recommend a windbreaker and trackpants! Don’t underestimate the wind!

Unfortunately, the group rested too much earlier on in the climb, and we did not make the checkpoints according to my plans. Ie get to 5th station by 3pm rest for an hour and ascend again. get to 8th station by 9pm rest for 2-3hrs and ascend to peak non-stop. Also we did no start as early as I wanted to..

Story Time:

All packed up and ready to check out. We gobbled down as much breakfast as we could, seeing that we aren’t usually breaky ppl. Took the 8:45am shuttle provided by K’s House to Kawaguchiko Station. The driver asked us if we were going to climb today, and we said “Yep! From the base, from Sengen Shrine! =D” and he had THE BIGGEST shock face “Goodo Raku!!” He said he has only ever climbed from the 5th station. I think 99.9% of ppl on the Yoshida Trail start at the 5th station. During our climb, we only saw abt 10 other people who started from Sengen Jinja.IMAG4601IMAG4613Lots of of sign posts to point you in the right direction, pretty much impossible to get lost!IMAG4626One of the points on this map is the Umegaeshi Chaya. It’s looked after by a couple of Oba-chans, but we didn’t make a pit stop. They did call out to us to offer us tea though =)IMAG4636

After a couple hours, we got to the FIRST STATION! WOOHOO!!!! Continue reading Day 4 – Conquering Fuji, Attempt 1!