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Kutchan PotaTo PARTAY!

This weekend was Kutchan’s biggest event of the year! じゃが祭り! (Jaga Matsuri, Potato Festival, Potato Party, NO POTATO NO LIFE!)jaga

Kutchan Town is famous for potatoes. Their mascot is Jagata-kun, a skiing potato! If you visit Hirafu in the winter, you might see him all around the village!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the festival until quarter to 8, as Ali-chan had to work till 7. I didn’t get to see Jagata-kun mucking abt =( I did get to see the 1,000 people dance, that obstructed me to food/second dinner/Elvis Kebab.  Also, my favourite ginger in the whole entire world, Ali-chan, got forced by an ojichan to participate in the dance! =P2014-08-03-21-07-33_deco

2014-08-03-21-08-45_decoI did eat potatoes! But I forgot to take a pic cause I got distracted by this guy!2014-08-03-21-07-01_decoI have not seen him for yonks! Woodley, you’re so cute!

And, as per all Japanese festivals, fireworks to end the night!2014-08-03-21-04-35_deco


Fireworks Festival!

Today is the annual Fireworks Festival event in Animal Crossing New Leaf! =D I was awake early this morning (for once) and Isabelle and Redd were getting ready for the event.HNI_0014When you come back at night, Isabelle will give you a heart bopper to celebrate! She’s so thoughtful ( ^____^ ) My original hairstyle is really ugly, so I didn’t use the bopper much =(HNI_0034Here are some fireworks screenys with Isabelle, and using the sparkler and roman candle:HNI_0037And of course, fireworks with my house! =DHNI_0062

At the town tree place, Redd has a stall set up where you can buy his version of fortune cookies. I think there are only 7 different types of tickets, I got 6 winning ones (whiz, bang, kaboom, sparkle, crackle, and flash/boom) and 1 dud one. Each type of winning ticket will always give you the same prize, ie Whiz Ticket will always be exchanged for a Ten Billion Barrel. The Dud Ticket will give you either a sparkler or a roman candleDid you guys find any other prizes? Continue reading Fireworks Festival!