Day 2 – Angry Puffy?

I think Puffy heard Gin wake up and he thumped twice at 08:00. I fed Gin first, then the buns. Puffy ate his breakfast because I kept the door closed.

I took Gin outside to try and get him to go potty, but my neighbours were heading off to work, and he was too excited so I think he forgot to go potty. While Gin was outside, I let the buns out of my room back into their domain. After an hour, I brought Gin back in and Puffy didn’t stomp at all!

When Gin is at home, I do not allow him out of his pen. Except for the closed bathroom, where I try to do some training. At the moment, I am trying to get Gin to know his name and sit. Anyways, so even though Gin was whining and yelping to be let out, the buns don’t really react. In fact, Moppy stays flopped or loafed. Puff still hid in grumpy corner so I couldn’t really see him (I was watching TV :P).

Over the course of the day, Puffy got more curious/judgmental. I haven’t done any actual bonding, rather just let the buns sniff Gin if they want.

Puff isn’t really running away from me because I smell like Gin, but rather if I smell like Gin’s smelly food! :P He’s back to my normal sticky, [angry,] sleepy boy <3 :P


Day 1 – Welcome Gin!

Yesterday, I headed to the breeder to pick up my Sheltie puppy, Gin! He had just turned 60 days and it was time for me to pick him up. I am worried that he won’t get along with Puffy, but not so much with Moppy. Honestly, I thought Moppy would try to bully the pup!

Gin is a very good boy, he didn’t cry or whine in the car ride home (almost 1.5hrs!), even went to sleep.  When we got home, it was exactly as I expected, Puffy bolted the other direction while Moppy was clueless as to what was happening and what Gin was :P

Since Puffy was thumping (possibly scared) and Gin was whining from seeing the 2 buns running around, I decided to put the buns in my room for the night and close the divider doors. This proved to have worked. Gin pretty much immediately stopped whining and went to sleep. Puffy felt safe and started eating treats and his hay, and did pewppewps! As bunny owners, you know this is extremely important! To make sure your bunny is eating and that poops are also happening. Puffy’s cocopops were normal sized, phew!

Around 3am, Puffy started thumping non-stop for about 30mins. He calmed down a little when I held him, but overall he doesn’t really like this. He didn’t want to stay in bed, just wanted to thump at me. At first, I thought he was scared, but I believe Gin was sleeping, so I wasn’t sure why he suddenly started thumping after 3-4 hours of sleep. As I began to fall asleep again, Puff started thumping again, but this time grunting too! I believe he was angry at me for bringing ANOTHER creature into his kingdom/domain! This is definitely a bunny/Puffy house, not mine :'(

In my sleepy head, I thought, what if I sleep on the floor with Puff and Mop… So, I did. And, surprisingly, it worked! Puff stopped thumping, but jumped all over me. If you know Puff, you know he is the ultimate gentlebun, so this meant he wasn’t happy with me. Nevertheless, he felt better, and didn’t thump until Gin woke up…

Loss and Grief

Dear Ren,

We may not have been close friends, or even friends. We were more like acquaintances. We usually speak over the phone, with me asking you if there are any availability on your tours, and you telling me super enthusiastically to “lock it in!”. Over the past 3 winters, our most recent phone conversations consisted of that. This winter, around Xmas/NY, after calling you for tour availabilities, you said that we should catch up soon, with Hay and Tom. And I said “yes, for sure! Once it gets less busy, we should all meet for a drink!” I thought I had until March/April to follow through. But now you are gone.

I remember when I first came to Niseko and was a little nobody. Meeting all the “locals” were extremely intimidating, but you were very friendly and made me feel included in conversations. This made me realize what a big heart you had.

I must apologize for the last two time you entrusted Woodley in my care. I love Woodley to bits! The first time, he wasn’t allowed inside my rental place and had to stay with my neighbour, I was with him until bedtime and they took excellent care of him! The second time, I thought I could make it up to you as it was a last minute request from you. But my bunny and Woodley didn’t get along and I had to put him up in our staff lodge for 2 nights. Although our crew took wonderful care of Woodles, I felt like I let you down. I having my own pet, I cannot be more apologetic for this.

I’ve never experienced death outside of an aging relative before. I most certainly have never experienced death of a life taken too soon. My body is in shock from the news I heard this afternoon. I was informed that “a Sam” was caught in an avalanche, and I thought “Nah, it’s not Ren”. Not more than 2 hours after this, I learnt it was you. I couldn’t stop shaking and can’t stop shaking. We are not close, nor are we really friends, but Niseko has lost a great heart today. You were a legand here, and your legacy will live on. Rest in peace that although the town grieves for you, your family is also our family. Your boy will grow up knowing you are a legend, not just of Niseko, but just an overall awesome human being; And the town will always have your lady’s back.

I am honoured to have met you, and for you to have been part of my life in Niseko. Niseko lost a great man today, but your soul and memory will always be here. You and your great Kiwi laughter will be, and are, incredibly missed. Your enthusiasm for adventure will always live on. Tomorrow, we will shred in your memory.

It’s that time of year again…

Disclaimer: emo post =P

It’s that time again, when everyone starts leaving again. I haven’t touched this blog in ages, due to the general busy-ness leading up to winter, and winter itself. It’s been a tough season for me, but I definitely learnt a lot and grew in my promoted position at work.

That said, attachments to the people staying just for the season (our staff affectionately known as meatpies/meatysb), always develops. And they are going to be leaving soon. Onto their next chapters. Our little town will be quiet again.

I had a dream this morning, it’s ok but still sad, of all my meatpies (thid season and last) excitedly talking and leaving for their next destinations. I’m so happy for them, that they managed to find the next big thing they want(ed) to do, during their time in Niseko. And it has also been an honour to be part of their lives for it. But, it’s also sad to know that you are now just a side character in the previous chapter of their adventures. Like I said, it’s ok and expected for every winter, as long as I live here.

But this seasons goodbye will be tough, especially when you’ve fallen in love with someone who needs to continue on their adventure…

Bunny Update: ToughPuff

So, turns out the pet shop was wrong and my bunny is a boy! I’ve decided to call him ToughPuff since he didn’t let his fractured shoulder get in the way of his rabbiting around. He got more and more adventurous as his shoulder healed up, which of course then worried me when he gets into spaces he’s not supposed to….. ( -___-“)

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 14.25.11Since I brought him home 2 months ago, he’s had to endure at least 15 hours of car rides, get snipped and also tried to hump Beans!I don’t think he was successful though.. So while I was away, Puff was being bunnysat at Beansy’s place.Because they were both not fixed, they had to alternate exercise time. When it was Puffy’s turn, he dashed out and started honking about. Shortly after, Beans jail broke and enticed Puffy to hump her! Dandelion quickly broke them apart, and reckons Puff didn’t get to finish. Phew!Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 14.02.49

After I came back into town, I took Puff to his neuter appointment in Sapporo (ハーティ動物病院). Turns out he also has malocclusion. However, he managed to break one of his bottom incisors.

It’s been about 2 weeks since his snip, and he’s recovered well. Still full of attitude and stubborn as ever. But he’s been eating alot more! He finishes almost all his veggies now and been munching on hay! Yay! Though, not enough for a house bunny… But he’s definitely put on some healthy weight.

My excitment is short lived, because about 2 days ago, I noticed he wasn’t eating hay again, even after I change it to fresh ones. He would only eat soft small pieces if I hand fed him. Today, I noticed he has broken that same incisor again! I’m going to have to talk to the vet about incisor removal during his post op check up on Monday… This is going to be tough in Japanese…… ( >__<!)

Mocha Beans

To bunnies lovers everywhere, please do not judge that I did not adopt. I tried very hard to find a shelter in Sapporo, even reaching out to contact shelters in Tokyo for any links/leads. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any. Hence, my decision to purchase.

After dropping my folks off at CTS, I headed into Sapporo for some bunny hunting. I met a few cool bunnies. Some of them clicked more with dandelion than me. The last stop was the PetLand at Sapporo Factory. They had a bunch of 1 month of kits, one of them looked like Eddy from bunnymama!


Anyways, dandelion and I were hungry so we decided to wait till tomorrow and fill up our tummies instead.

The next day (Saturday), I headed to Esta in Sapporo Station by myself cause I saw a little liondude on Monday, when I took my folks shopping in the big S city. On Monday, the sign said that it was a boy and is 13,000yen


I decided on this little buddy, because a) price, b) age. But on Saturday, the sign had changed to a girl and is 14,000yen! Nevertheless, I asked to carry her and she didn’t struggle, my heart was won over!

I brought her back to dandelion’s place and set up beansy’s old playpen.


Dandelion and I may have been too ambious and excited, that lead us to poor bunny parenting… We let mocha out to roam and beans was cool with it for a little.. But then began to give chase and bit her butt and wouldn’t let go. Twice. And I think it’s during this battle that mocha hurt her left front paw as she is not using it at all. I’m trying to schedule a vet appointment, hopefully the vets in the town will be able to diagnose her without me having to go to Sapporo. I am the blorst.

Anyways I brought mocha home today and she began to settle in after a few hours. Not so skittish anymore, she gave me a couple flops, a few binkys AND some stomps! I’m in love xD