Pure & Lean

Back when I lived in Brisbane, I was a member of Pure Health Clubs. I LOVED this gym. Except they weren’t really a gym. They had a wide range of excellent classes. My favourite is pilates. Hands down. They have THE BEST pilates classes. Also all the trainers soon quickly became your friend!

That’s also how I met Anthony. I had a few PT session vouchers and I happened to get assigned to him. He helped me achieved the results I wanted very quickly. Mind you, this was roughly 3-4 years ago, my age has caught up to me since =P Back then, workouts changed my body, eating did not really affect it too much, I hardly ate clean but I still achieved the results I wanted. Different story today!

Anyways, I am still on the Pure mailing list when I saw a Pure&Lean webinar that Anthony was hosting on eating habits and increasing your metabolic rate.  I decided to attend because I was sick of calorie counting. I approached Anthony because my efforts for fat loss seemed to be stagnating (again) and after hearing his webinar, I needed to boost my metabolic rate from the stupid calorie counting bs!

This page will have some tables of me hopefully sticking to my meal plan over the next 12 weeks and upping that metabolic rate! ( ^___^ )b

Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4 // Week 5 // Week 6 & 7 // Week 8 & 9 // Week 10 // Week 11 // Week 12


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