Over the winter of 2013/14, I put on 20kg from bad eating choices, irregular sleep, partying etcetc, everything you could expect from living the seasonal life in a ski resort =P Now summer has arrived and I need to get rid of the fats before next winter!

This page is my exercise/Freeletics journey.  I am 176cm, and my goal is to return to 63-64kg. My measurements were: 71cm (waist), 91cm (hips), 25cm (arms), 51cm (thighs).. I think =P

On this page is some of the stuff I eat.

Freeletics was a wonderful start for me, kicked my ass into gear and got me motivated for the beginning of my weight loss journey. Over the first 10 weeks, I competed against my time. I thrived on beating my own PB. With the introduction of the new coach system, all my PBs were wiped and I could feel my motivation begin to dwindle. I began to focus on weight training, while looking to youtube channels or back to Jillian Michaels for cardio based training.

Result: 73cm (waist), 90.5cm (hips), 28.5cm (arms), 51.5cm (thighs), 68.5kg2014.10.05 - wk0v13 notense

Freeletics was awesome while it lasted, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for that little big of motivation to get you started on your on fitness journey! =D

All the best!


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