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Cat Skiing!

Provided by: Explore Niseko (050-5309-6905), THoP, HBC & Iwanai Resort

The House of Powder/Hokkaido Backcountry Club:

Cat tours are one of the best ways to access the backcountry pow! If you aren’t too keen on hiking the back bowls of Mt Annupuri-Niseko, Chisenupuri is just a 20min drive. With a pick up service from your Niseko accomodation from 08:00, you’ll be driven through the scenic mountain ranges and arrive at your destination, more commonly known by the locals as Chise.

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Happy Snowboarding Dayz!

Yesterday, I went to Rusutsu with the brother and Yut the Beaut.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve just been so happy snowboarding. I couldn’t stop smiling; the weather, the conditions, the terrain just perfect! This just rolls off on the day that my chest was abt to explode from happiness of fluttering snow.

It just totally reminded me of The Angry Therapist‘s post:
At a low point earlier last month, I regrammed this to remind myself that 2016 WAS that fkd up friend.. 2016 was a horrible year. I was so unhappy, overworked and underpaid/underappreciated, with a partner who didn’t want to be here.

2017 I was still really negative, I felt like nothing was going to get better…
2017 saw a break up that made me feel I wasted my time, going through a not so healthy healing process (ex was still my tenant, and a crutch as he helped me with my pets), leaving a job that paid the bills, and going no where with my own company.

But, I reread this gram last night, and I had a really different thought “Hey… 2017 IS the friend that changed my life!”; I became bffs with my bff of 18yrs’ future wife whom I’m now closer to than to him, I STARTED my own company which lead me to be in different offices and making new connections, I’ve been able to snowboard way more, I’ve made new good friends, I got my 3rd fur baby, I’ve been in trying situations that let me learn so much more abt living in a foreign country that I’ve made home, I’m in a new chapter again – a growth.

And as John said in the post:

Now I hope 2018 is not a new friend but a fucking rocket that launches me to places I’ve never been to before, literally, figuratively, romantically, stretching me, pushing me, challenging me, to stack my actions on top of my words and standing on both. To run toward my true north without looking back. Or blinking. To create a wider dialogue. To let go of my kite, trusting it will fly. To love harder. To feel gratitude in my bones. To smile more. And to no longer make it about me. That is the island, where I want to go. To live a life of service and make it about others. That is my new definition of a life well lived.

awesome ride

headed up the mountain for the second time since opening day. this time it was on my day off! so i got to ride for more than 2 runs =P besides centre run, shirakaba is now open too! of course you can got onto the closed runs, but there’s a chance of wrecking your board

a certain canadian had his day off too, so off we went!


the runs are pretty short.. 2 mins or so. although there hasn’t been much snow, there’s still some choppy fluffy powder up there!LINEcamera_share_2013-12-04-00-38-38

i thought i was such a smartypoo cause i thought the king hooded 3 lifts were open. so we went down this closed off run, only to find out it wasn’t open yet (it was being tested). so then we had to hike back up cause i didn’t really know my way and i didn’t have a map. oopsys!1455993_10201899940953144_515629058_n

Nike NeverNot Pt2

Nicolas Muller: Couple people want to go to the X-games and do triple corks, and that’s fine. But there is also alot of people who just want to do powder turns.. or… butters. I mean now we get into tricks again… it doesn’t even matter. There’s only one trick.. you know.. and umm

Interviewer: What’s the one trick?

Nicolas Muller: The one trick? The one trick.. is just to strap in =)

Eric Jackson. Pic from TransWorld Snowboarding (Wallpaper Wednesdays)
Eric Jackson – Making Turns and Catching Air.                      Pic from TransWorld Snowboarding (Wallpaper Wednesdays)

The key to life is to live each day like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re sitting on the couch, you’re obviously not riding the powder. So maybe you should get off the couch and go ride some powder.

-Andy Mahre [Like There’s No Tomorrow (2011)]