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The season has quietened down now, after that December madness!
Everyone is getting into the swing of things, the resort visitors don’t need their hands held so much and it’s wonderful! Everyone is having a good time.

Though.. the snow, or lack there of, has made for a terrible January.. It feels like March! Though, the faith in the JaPOW is strong. 01 Feb saw an overnight snowfall of 14cm in the village. Although I had a 12.5hr shift today, I only heard good things about the mountain!

I am itching to go to Rusutsu though… It’s been 2 months and I have been unable to tee up the same days off as others getting the facey faceshots in Ruru or Kiroro. Blergh! Won’t like, jelly levels are very wobbly! (like my tummy)

Over the last 2 weeks, I have only only been on the mountain for ONE HOUR! DISMAL! Gonna dive straight in tomorrow, first lifts. Hoo haa!


First Turns for 14/15!

OH BABY! First ride for the season! So happy to get my snow legs back. Bit wobbly at the start, did a couple of cartwheels. But the powder! THE POWDER!10478020_667037750079512_6912869100180864841_n (Medium)

Here’s a bonus pic of Woodley the powder lion of Niseko =P10417554_10152825173836827_7236331899353485068_nPhoto credit to the sexiest kiwi in the world, @hayd0ss

Day 19: Stormed out at Gujo-Hachiman

Sorry, I haven’t been posting about my Chapter 17 travels! I noticed that as the holiday time rolls around, more and more people have been reading up on some of my travels to the Hida region. So, I thought I will attempt to continue my very very delayed blogging!

Verdict: I recommend visiting Gujo as a day trip form Takayama, see below for why! =)

2Gujo-Hachiman is famous for producing 80% of Japan’s food replica, and it still has a castle! But most of all, it has a GojiraFurai! =P

I apologize if this post (and the next 40 odd posts) are lacking in detail.. I will try to recollect the excitement and/or frustration I had over a year ago ( >__< )

I started my day on the bus, alone.. so during my boredom, I took random selfies (of course!) and this old dude’s pimping shoes, haha! Continue reading Day 19: Stormed out at Gujo-Hachiman

Kutchan PotaTo PARTAY!

This weekend was Kutchan’s biggest event of the year! じゃが祭り! (Jaga Matsuri, Potato Festival, Potato Party, NO POTATO NO LIFE!)jaga

Kutchan Town is famous for potatoes. Their mascot is Jagata-kun, a skiing potato! If you visit Hirafu in the winter, you might see him all around the village!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the festival until quarter to 8, as Ali-chan had to work till 7. I didn’t get to see Jagata-kun mucking abt =( I did get to see the 1,000 people dance, that obstructed me to food/second dinner/Elvis Kebab.  Also, my favourite ginger in the whole entire world, Ali-chan, got forced by an ojichan to participate in the dance! =P2014-08-03-21-07-33_deco

2014-08-03-21-08-45_decoI did eat potatoes! But I forgot to take a pic cause I got distracted by this guy!2014-08-03-21-07-01_decoI have not seen him for yonks! Woodley, you’re so cute!

And, as per all Japanese festivals, fireworks to end the night!2014-08-03-21-04-35_deco

Youtei Summer Misson

On Sunday night, at abt 8pm, Lukey and I decided that we would hike Youtei in the morning. So, we found ourselves at the base of Youtei 12.5hrs later. I really didn’t do any research at all. We went up the Hirafu Trail, starting at Hangetsu-ko (半月湖).Youtei Hirafu TrailI didn’t really take too many pictures.. pittance compared to my Fuji posts (Day 1 and Day 2)! Mostly because my face was a fountain, and I needed my hands to grab onto trees for support. The climb was much harder than Fuji, in my opinion, it is definitely not a trail hike! I almost gave up abt 2049 times, and I began to regret my spur of the moment climbing decision somewhere between the 3rd and 4th station….

And once again, I was not equipped with the right shoes… descending via the Hirafu trail with Nike running shoes was a death defying feat! =P

I found some wild strawberries along the way to the 2nd stationDSC00881After the 5th station, the clouds cleared up abit and we could see Mt Annupuri (the Niseko ski field) in the distance!DSC00897

After 5hrs.. we finally reached the craters! We hung out and had lunch up there. Guess what? There is data connection at 1,898m above sea level! =P2014-07-07-18-32-52_deco 2014-07-07-20-02-35_deco

As I mentioned, I almost died many times on the way down due to the lack of grip Continue reading Youtei Summer Misson

Day 18 – Dreary at Kamikochi

Ossuuu hisashiburiii. Ok that is the wrong term to use, but it has been a long time since I did my last Chapter 17 post! =P Here is my attempt to revive and continue sharing my adventures!

Verdict: Kamikochi is somewhere I would visit again. It would have been a beautiful walk were it not for the rain… and my lack of weather preparation. DO NOT VISIT BEAR “PARKS” IN JAPAN! Read below for why..

I started my morning off by having breakfast with Dumbledore =)1And then off I went on the bus towards Hira no Yu to transit over to Kamikochi. As you can see, I was pretty bummed abt the weather.. You’d think I would have learn from the previous day’s events to be better prepared for a day in the rain.. but alas, I have proved you wrong. I spent more than I should have on some crappy gloves and a raincoat much too small for me! ( >___<!!)IMG_0238

I didn’t end up walking around too much at Kamikochi cause the rains was very cold against my legs.. I took some photos and ended up having cake in a cafe to decide where else to go. One option was a bear park.. Continue reading Day 18 – Dreary at Kamikochi

First Hike of the Summer!

After 2 weeks of rain and gloom, summer has finally come back to Niseko!

A few of us decided that a climb is in order to celebrate this glorious day of Sun! Our hike started with a bear warning, but off we went anyways! =P1The hike itself is roughly 40-50mins up. It is a proper climb with having to navigate through rocks and boulders. This is not a relaxing trail hike. Nevertheless, it is a really good climb with excellent photo opportunities!


After our hike, Chef Laurie treated us to a magnificient BBQ =D hontou ni arigatsss!=D2014-06-23-13-04-03_deco (Large)