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Getting hit right in the feels

A few of my babies, who I grew close to over these past 5 months in Niseko, have finally left/are leaving.

I just had to say my goodbyes with this sexy ciggie butt brain this morning

And then just another to Geoffles, who’s leaving tomorrow morning.

Goodbyes suck. But I know they are going to have the time of their lives living it up an Japan and am super happy for them! Till next time, much love <3


Ponder of the Night: Re-energized

Wow, it has been amazing how re-energized and psyched for the winter I have become in these 2-3 short weeks my family came to visit. I have really taken for granted the preciousness and passive encouragement that comes from being around the people whom I care/love and who care for and love me back.

niseko dreaming (Medium)I have family and friends pretty much visiting Niseko (and me too!) every month this winter. Not many people who work here can say that. I feel very blessed to have people in my life who take the time to visit me (even though their main goal is the mountain =P). I also was informed this week that my two best mates are coming to Niseko for THREE weeks!! =D I didn’t get to spend much time with them last winter, so I can’t wait to see them this time round <3 much love

*come at me bro!* I am ready AND psyched for the winter hectic-ness! I hope to see you all in Niseko this winter ( ^___^ )v

First Hike of the Summer!

After 2 weeks of rain and gloom, summer has finally come back to Niseko!

A few of us decided that a climb is in order to celebrate this glorious day of Sun! Our hike started with a bear warning, but off we went anyways! =P1The hike itself is roughly 40-50mins up. It is a proper climb with having to navigate through rocks and boulders. This is not a relaxing trail hike. Nevertheless, it is a really good climb with excellent photo opportunities!


After our hike, Chef Laurie treated us to a magnificient BBQ =D hontou ni arigatsss!=D2014-06-23-13-04-03_deco (Large)

Khoius hearts me!


  • Khoius: you asleepy already? (12:50am)
  • Me: Yeh I was (6:00am)
  • Khoius: its been less than 3 days and already our friendship has drifts soo far apart. and it’s only just a holiday. I am not emotionally prepared for this. 
  • Me: hahahhahahaah
  • Khoius: distance makes the heart grow fonder
  • Me: in that case, you might die if i went on my 2mth jap trip…
  • Me: as i was walking alone around crown shopping center today at 7am, 2 drunk guys tried to say hello to me. one asked me for my name and i smiled and asked why. and he said just curious and i smiled and walked away
  • Khoius: so i tell ya i miss you and your response is to make me jealous?