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Getting hit right in the feels

A few of my babies, who I grew close to over these past 5 months in Niseko, have finally left/are leaving.

I just had to say my goodbyes with this sexy ciggie butt brain this morning

And then just another to Geoffles, who’s leaving tomorrow morning.

Goodbyes suck. But I know they are going to have the time of their lives living it up an Japan and am super happy for them! Till next time, much love <3


Blue Snorkle

This weekend is probably the weekend of the year I needed/wanted to see dandelion the most, to just go away and de-stress from all the insane tension in the Res team (at work). But the crazy in his life threatened him with crazy and now I am stuck at home.

I am getting to the point I feel like I can no longer count on anyone, at work, for any kind of help, I don’t have the kind of friends here I can count on neither.. and now, the one person here, whom I should be able to count on, has put me on the back burners.

Don’t get me wrong I am super super happy and appreciative that dandelion told me everything honestly and Skyped me through the night and we had good chats. But it doesn’t change the fact that I no longer have that support group I used to have with Gandi and Khoipoo. And I won’t lie, I don’t think I ever will again, and it feels lonely.

And now I have a whole bunch of muffins I gotta finish by myself……………… The return of the moon belleh!

Ponder of the Night: Re-energized

Wow, it has been amazing how re-energized and psyched for the winter I have become in these 2-3 short weeks my family came to visit. I have really taken for granted the preciousness and passive encouragement that comes from being around the people whom I care/love and who care for and love me back.

niseko dreaming (Medium)I have family and friends pretty much visiting Niseko (and me too!) every month this winter. Not many people who work here can say that. I feel very blessed to have people in my life who take the time to visit me (even though their main goal is the mountain =P). I also was informed this week that my two best mates are coming to Niseko for THREE weeks!! =D I didn’t get to spend much time with them last winter, so I can’t wait to see them this time round <3 much love

*come at me bro!* I am ready AND psyched for the winter hectic-ness! I hope to see you all in Niseko this winter ( ^___^ )v

Time well spent

My parents have come to visit Niseko/me for the past two weeks. They are leaving tomorrow and it makes me kind of sad. I have really enjoyed my time with them, we didn’t argue! Not even once! Though, I have been very tired this week and was unnecessarily grumpy towards them… Especially when dad helped me with purchasing all the accessories for my car (cheaper than what I would have gotten for!) and mom pretty much cooking all my meals for me. Thank you ma & pa!

Mom brought all these spices and foods that are hard to come by (or just can’t be found!) in Japan and cooked me Singapore curry with Roti Prata, homemade Rou Song Spring Rolls, Kong Ba Bao!, Longan Red Dates soup, Huat Kueh and heaps more! In return, I baked her yummy breads and took them to Lucky almost everyday and we had fun collecting and calculating points. Release the inner Singaporean!

I am feeling super loved ( ^___^ ) I can’t wait till they come back in March =P I pretty much spent all my free time with them and we had good chats and laughs. I also became mom’s granola dealer XD I think I made abt 12-15 cups of granola for her to bring home haha!