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Chai Cupcakes!

I made some chai cupcakes by Gimme Some Oven! This recipe is great! I might just substitute the spices for some Genmaicha next time!


Pure & Lean: Week 8 & 9

As mentioned in my previous post, I started wearing my corset again. I feel that this has also helped with the downsizing of my waist. 3cm in 2-3 weeks!

Food wise, there has been nothing too drastic. I have been keeping to my plan. However, I have begun to cheat abit more by eating chocolate more than once ( >__<!) Especially when I am just walking around Sapporo… oops!

Measurement movements:As you can see, although I lost measurement, my weight remains the same. I know it is muscle gain.. however, I won’t lie, I do feel somewhat bummed as well.. the vain narcissist in me, I guess! =P

Visual comparison: This is another more recent comparison.. after I attempted to eat Singapore and today!2014.10.05 vs eating sg

Pure & Lean: Week 6 & 7

I caught up  with Anthony while I was in Brisbane three weeks ago. We had a really good chat. My meal plan has been modified to prevent plateauing. I haven’t quite tested it out yet as I was being a littlebig piggy in Singapore.

My pre-trainings on Freeletics days have been cut back to just a banana. And I have to omit one fat serve per day. I have also taken to wearing my corset again. I have a steel boned corset, which is really good in holding posture as well as limiting stomach space! =P

My weight loss definitely regressed while I was on holidays. However, I only gained 1kg! Which was surprising, as I expected to gain AT LEAST 2kg =P

Measurement movements:pure wk7

Visual comparison: 2014.09.21 PL wk0v7

Freeletics Coach: Week 10 Pure & Lean: Week 5

This week’s results are dismal! I didn’t even bother taking any comparison photos.. I am currently on a 2 week holiday.. food holiday in Singapore XD hahah

This week I had 5 Freeletics sessions, that I squeezed into 3 days as I was travelling, and just didn’t really have much time… My Week  10 Freeletics coach sessions were:

  1. Atlas (42:05*)
  2. Ares (10:00), SplitLungeMAX (90*)
  3. Hyperion (23:28)
  4. Atlas (41:52*)
  5. Ares (09:09), SplitLungeMAX (95*)

I combined Atlas, Ares and SplitMAX into one day sessions. Unfortunately, I did not have access to a pullup bar/surface, so I had to complete Ares with either raised pushups or tricep dips.

Needless to say, my structured eating went out the window! pure wk5

Pure & Lean: Week 4

Nothing too drastic to my meals this week. I had a cheat meal at Kamimura (1 Michelin Star) for my birthday though! Thank you Midori no Ki! =D I love my company hehe2014-08-28-21-41-32_decoApart from that, introduced edamame beans back into me diet. Oh how I love edamameee

Measurement movements:pure wk4

Visual comparison:2014.08.31 PL wk0v4 

Pure & Lean: Week 3

I had my first follow up meeting with Anthony, since our initial consult. I shared with him my results and he was super happy for me! However, he felt the weight loss is too rapid to be sustainable. 2014.08.23 (Large)So, bread was added to my pre-training meals! SUPER HAPPY CAUSE I LOVE BREAD =D Pre-training is now a slice of dense bread, almond butter and bananas. Super yum! Gonna get my bake on again, wee!

In terms of food, I didn’t change too much of my diet. I found dattan soba, and I really wanted it! Turns out it is roughly the same nutritional values as genmai (brown rice)! So I just did a little swapsys.

I had somewhat of a second cheat meal? It was the Niseko Matsuri last night, so I had 2 little sticks of yakitori, a small chilli bean soft taco and a third of a chicken quesadilla. It seems to be mostly within my meal plan, except the cheese meant more fats than usual.

Measurement movements:pure wk3I forgot to weigh myself this morning, so will do it tomorrow.. oops!

Visual comparison:2014.08.24 PL wk0v3 (Large)I really should try to take my pics in the same spot!