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Finding out what my zoo thinks

I was introduced to Natalie Chan of Guardian of Eden through a friend recently.

Friend: Hey, what do you think of animal communicators?
Me: *scoffs* what? like people who claim to speak with the dead?
Friend: Wait wait, I thought that too. But my sister did it. And she said it was quite interesting. At the end of the session, her dog told her that it was worried about her because her head looked like it was in pain. My sister had a really bad headache earlier that morning! How would the communicator have known?
Me: Maybe she’s a really good social media stalker.

Nevertheless, it intrigued me. So, I googled. Not much came up, apart from Natalie’s Instagam and Facebook, but there was 1 blog post. This review/blog about the session made me really want to book a session. As part of my skepticism, I turned all my social media to private. Hey, I like to stalk people, so I assume others do too! :P

After my session with Natalie, I really do feel like I got to speak with my pets. I do think some bits were rather generic, however, there were bits (see below) that are accurate to the individual pet! Continue reading Finding out what my zoo thinks


Finding out what my zoo thinks [full chat]

[22:30, 5/21/2018] Natalie Chan: Okie let me connect with Gin
[22:30, 5/21/2018] Clara (JP): 👌🏻
[22:31, 5/21/2018] Natalie Chan: First image he shares is of him walking and sniffing the ground intently, through the leaves and grass
[22:32, 5/21/2018] Clara (JP): probably autumn time, that’s when i first started walking him. when he was old enough. he loves the crunchy leaves
[22:32, 5/21/2018] Natalie Chan: He then shows an image of him licking his paw, and it feels like it’s cos he stepped on something
[22:32, 5/21/2018] Natalie Chan: Feels like it happens pretty often but he licks and off he goes again
Continue reading Finding out what my zoo thinks [full chat]

Dancing Goo

2018: Happy New Year!

2017, you’ve been a rollercoaster. You started with such a big bang! A determination, an ambition, a drive. In the middle, when I expected a high, you let me fall and crash. At the end, you picked up my broken pieces and embraced me; opening doors of opportunities, professionally and personally. And on the last day, 31 Dec, you shone so bright.

At points, I wished you away, and to go back the years.
Now, I appreciate, so very much, every challenge you threw my way to help me grow.

For that,  2017, thank you for every minute you gave me. I’ll miss you and remember you fondly. 2018, I look forward to what you’ll bring to the table. Come at me!

Happy new year to you and yours, from me and mine <3
May your 2018 be filled with love, happiness and adventures!!

Unfolding Magic

Feature photo from: The Angry Therapist

So, I’ve been wondering if/how I should write this. Seeing as that I am a fiend for logs, I figured I should. I tend to like to re-read history so to speak. Facebook’s “On This Day” is possibly one of the most exciting parts of my day on Facebook.

I’ve been so guarded, and I guess this is a human survival instinct? I feel like each time I get into a relationship, I allow myself to feel less and less; so that I don’t get hurt even more than the previous time. I have a glass ceiling for my emotions. I protect my heart, because no one else will. I know if I invest, I give everything, and then I lose everything. I am risk averse. Continue reading Unfolding Magic