It’s that time of year again…

Disclaimer: emo post =P

It’s that time again, when everyone starts leaving again. I haven’t touched this blog in ages, due to the general busy-ness leading up to winter, and winter itself. It’s been a tough season for me, but I definitely learnt a lot and grew in my promoted position at work.

That said, attachments to the people staying just for the season (our staff affectionately known as meatpies/meatysb), always develops. And they are going to be leaving soon. Onto their next chapters. Our little town will be quiet again.

I had a dream this morning, it’s ok but still sad, of all my meatpies (thid season and last) excitedly talking and leaving for their next destinations. I’m so happy for them, that they managed to find the next big thing they want(ed) to do, during their time in Niseko. And it has also been an honour to be part of their lives for it. But, it’s also sad to know that you are now just a side character in the previous chapter of their adventures. Like I said, it’s ok and expected for every winter, as long as I live here.

But this seasons goodbye will be tough, especially when you’ve fallen in love with someone who needs to continue on their adventure…


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