The season has quietened down now, after that December madness!
Everyone is getting into the swing of things, the resort visitors don’t need their hands held so much and it’s wonderful! Everyone is having a good time.

Though.. the snow, or lack there of, has made for a terrible January.. It feels like March! Though, the faith in the JaPOW is strong. 01 Feb saw an overnight snowfall of 14cm in the village. Although I had a 12.5hr shift today, I only heard good things about the mountain!

I am itching to go to Rusutsu though… It’s been 2 months and I have been unable to tee up the same days off as others getting the facey faceshots in Ruru or Kiroro. Blergh! Won’t like, jelly levels are very wobbly! (like my tummy)

Over the last 2 weeks, I have only only been on the mountain for ONE HOUR! DISMAL! Gonna dive straight in tomorrow, first lifts. Hoo haa!


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