Youtei Summer Misson

On Sunday night, at abt 8pm, Lukey and I decided that we would hike Youtei in the morning. So, we found ourselves at the base of Youtei 12.5hrs later. I really didn’t do any research at all. We went up the Hirafu Trail, starting at Hangetsu-ko (半月湖).Youtei Hirafu TrailI didn’t really take too many pictures.. pittance compared to my Fuji posts (Day 1 and Day 2)! Mostly because my face was a fountain, and I needed my hands to grab onto trees for support. The climb was much harder than Fuji, in my opinion, it is definitely not a trail hike! I almost gave up abt 2049 times, and I began to regret my spur of the moment climbing decision somewhere between the 3rd and 4th station….

And once again, I was not equipped with the right shoes… descending via the Hirafu trail with Nike running shoes was a death defying feat! =P

I found some wild strawberries along the way to the 2nd stationDSC00881After the 5th station, the clouds cleared up abit and we could see Mt Annupuri (the Niseko ski field) in the distance!DSC00897

After 5hrs.. we finally reached the craters! We hung out and had lunch up there. Guess what? There is data connection at 1,898m above sea level! =P2014-07-07-18-32-52_deco 2014-07-07-20-02-35_deco

As I mentioned, I almost died many times on the way down due to the lack of grip my shoes had against the sand and loose gravel. It took me abit more than 3hrs to descend! Lukey had to wait for me for over an hour! ( >___<!) From around the 700m mark, all I could think abt was the mango and banana smoothie I was going to blend and demolish when I get home. And I did =D

We got back home abit after 5pm, my boss (BossGuyCady) and Ali-chan were hanging around outside abt to go rollerblading. He looked at us and said “did you just just do that!?” and pointed to Youtei. To which I said, yeeeeeep via Hangetsuko. BossGuyCady’s reply, “HANGETSUKO?! Were you like “oh wai soooo steep?! waaaiii won’t it end! where is the toooop!!” To which my reply was also, yeeeeeep.

My body refused to move after I showered. So, I didn’t have any dinner and lay in bed for the next 2 hours until I fell asleep around 09:30pm =P This morning I was le achey and there was no Freeletics to be had =( Ares, you shall be tackled tomorrow!



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