Day 11 – Magome to Tsumago

What is the Nakasendo? Nakasendo  (中山道) was the inland road that connected Kyoto to Edo (aka present day Tokyo) during the Edo period. Current day Nakasendo Highway is an actual highway for cars/vehicles that run along side the Edo Nakasendo. Torii Pass (鳥居峠) is said to be the hardest part of the hike as it takes you up to roughly 1,800m elevation in the mountains.

Verdict, Magome Toge: The Magome Pass, which runs from Magome to Tsumago, is the most “famous” part of the Nakasendo.  The hike itself was much easier compared to Torii Pass, it still took roughly 3hrs to hike to Tsumago. Of the two Nakasendo hikes I did, Torii Pass and Magome Pass, I really loved Torii Pass alot more. However, the really beautiful thing about Magome Pass, is that you have EXCELLENT and super beautiful views of the mountain ranges. Torii Pass was more nature/forest scenery.

So, I started the morning with a hello from Po-chan, the innlady’s doggy XDIMAG4943Then off I went! I started around 8:30am. The weather cleared up just for me!! hahaha Thank you God! =D As such, beautiful beautiful scenery *lovelovelove*IMG_0175IMG_0176 IMG_0179Because of the multiple bear sightings, there are lots of these bear bells around the trail
IMG_0219 IMG_0237 IMG_0263 IMG_0297 The current Nakasendo Highway runs alongside the Edo Nakasendo. Now, as you got along most parts of the Nakasendo hike, you will end up crossing paths with the current highway.IMG_0309 Saw some curly wurly treesIMG_0319 Halfway along the hike, you’ll come across a cha-ya. It is a free rest area especially for hikers! There is a looker-afterer and he’ll offer you as much tsumetai ocha (cold tea) as much as you want! In the hut, you can also fill out a tourist survey for Tsumago town.IMG_0346 - tateba chaya IMG_0355Not sure why these trees were duct taped..
IMG_0361I think those were the trees…….
IMG_0364 This was the favourite part of the hike for some reason ( ^___^ )IMG_0373 IMG_0383 I’m in Gifu AND Nagano! XDIMG_0405 Someone left their towel and jumped off?IMG_0418One of them is not like the other………IMG_0422Detoured to the Otaki Metaki Falls
IMG_0430 IMG_0434 IMG_0456 IMG_0461 At this town, I thought of the song Belle was singing in Beauty and the Beast “little tooown with its little peoppplleeee” well at least I think that’s the lyrics =PIMG_0464 IMG_0471 I thought they were growing beers, but it’s just rice =PIMG_0475 Didn’t know how to show how big the rock was, so I used my head XDIMG_0514 Lots of people put umbrellas on their family gravestones, but this guy’s got priorities!IMG_0519 IMG_0520 I arrived! and I was hungry!IMG_0533 IMG_0545Grabbed these super fluffy breads for lunch cause I didn’t feel like soba.. and I didn’t realized I sat in front of this guy for lunch! *shudder!*
IMG_0563 I visited the Honjin, the house for the feuda lord, and also his office.IMG_0566 IMG_0567 Some things that are useful during the Edo period….IMG_0599Tall and fat people can’t survive in the Edo period =P
IMG_0608 After this I went over to the Waka-Honjin, which was the accommodation for the lesser lords. I thought it looked alot nicer!IMG_0625 For one, they had a specially made bathroom where the steam droplets will never drip onto you, for guests of honors.  They also had a secret room!!!IMG_0626 A very beautiful garden and excellent viewsIMG_0627 BUT MOST OF ALL! THEY HAD A TOILET JUST FOR EMPEROR MEIJI! But I couldn’t find it =(IMG_0632 Some dioramas of Tsumago-juku (妻籠宿) and the precious wood the lords horded from the people =PIMG_0670Nakasendo, Torii Pass and Magome Pass
IMG_0687 This is the specialty, Kuri=kinton! and a warm matcha. very delicious =)IMG_0691 Waiting for the bus back to Magome, funny pumpkin! there’s kisoji beer?! I DIDn’T SEE IT! =(IMG_0713


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