Day 10 – Off to Magome!

What is the Nakasendo? Nakasendo  (中山道) was the inland road that connected Kyoto to Edo (aka present day Tokyo) during the Edo period. Current day Nakasendo Highway is an actual highway for cars/vehicles that run along side the Edo Nakasendo. Torii Pass (鳥居峠) is said to be the hardest part of the hike as it takes you up to roughly 1,800m elevation in the mountains.

Verdict, Magome-juku:   Magome is much more developed than Tsumago, and most tourists will stay here, and walk over to Tsumago. Of the four Nakasendo towns I visited, Magome was the prettiest, and also biggest tourist attraction, thus the most “developed”. Tsumago is like Narai, where everything is preserved from the Edo period.

Breakfast loveIMAG4883

It was raining this morning, actually for this leg of the trip I have been really blessed with the weather. I would ran the day before and/or after my hikes! Thank you God! So it was raining this morning, and I only just had to walk like 30 seconds to the train station, literally. But the innkeepers were making a fuss, and I wasn’t too sure what was going on, anyways so I stood in the light rain while Tenshou drove his car over and loaded my suitcase into the boot. I got in the car, and 10 seconds later, got out of the car again! hahahahah! Japanese and their awesome hospitality =) They make me smile. hehehe!

And off I go again!IMAG4885Transfered in Nakatsugawa, where I saw an ad for Kuri-boy XD Kisoji is famous for chestnuts! Chestnut in Japanese is Kuri (栗).

IMAG4900My bus driver is styyyliiiiish!IMAG4901 So I booked this place called Manpukuan. The reviews on agoda said it was a temple, but the pics looked like a typical ryokan to me! So (sorry for my ignorance, it’s ironic) I thought, bah! white ppl don’t know what their talking abt! Anyways I pull my suitcase up the cobble stone in the rain (it’s hard). And I rock up to this temple called Eishoji. And there’s gravestones EVERYWHERE. I prayed REALLY hard the next few nights =P Not gonna lie, felt quite scared at one stage. But I just listened to Hillsong and had singalongs all night long =P

Anyways, the monk and his wife has a really cute toy poodle x pomeranianIMAG4912 How to get to Eishoji, if you booked it under the name of Manpukuan and are confused:IMG_0029In this area you can buy alot of Shinshu local beers. Nagano Prefecture was once part of the Shinshu province. The provincial (版 han) system was abolished during the Meiji era and replaced with the prefecture (県 ken) system.

IMG_0036 For lunch, I had sansai (mountain veggies) soba (山菜そば), and WARABI MOCHI(わらびもち)!!!! This was sooooo good! best warabi I HAVE EVER HAD!!! =DIMG_0042 IMG_0056Magome-juku (馬籠宿) on a dreary day.IMG_0058 IMG_0063IMG_0082 IMG_0084 More hinoki (cypress) wood works.IMG_0088 Oh there were bear sightings around Magome! I wasn’t sure if it was serious cause all the pictures were like cartoon bears, but when the shop keeps warn me, they were very very serious =P I didn’t get to see any bears =(IMG_0091 some local yums i got! the soft serve flavour is Kuri Kinton (栗きんとん), which is the Kisoji’s local dessert/food specialty. IT IS THE BEST SOFT SERVE I EVER HAD! I SHOULD HAVE HAD MORE!!!!! They sell kurikinton as omiyage all over Kisoji.. I should have also bought some =(IMG_0098 I was like PUPPY!! Watched him for abit “hmm.. his peepee is dragging on the HE’S PEEING!”IMG_0100 IMG_0113The good luck charm of the Nagano/Hida /Gifu regions is this thing called a Sarubobo. I didn’t think it was very cute. They have cute rabbit variations of them, but most of them are not cute at all. It’s SUPPOSE to be a monkey…. My omiyages for the day = budget blown.IMG_0147 Fuji burns…IMG_0150 Sunset in MagomeIMG_0151 My private alcove. is creepy at night to walk to the bathroom ( T___T )IMG_0152 Being a fat…IMG_0154Demolished dinner in like 10 mins, innlady had a really really surprised look on her face XDIMG_0155


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