Day 5 – 26hrs of Fuji love

**WARNING: Very LONG photospam post! =P**

Day 2 of Fuji, Verdict: Super fun! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to conquer this mountain. BRING SUNSCREEN AND LATHER UP!!!!!! For the descend, if like me (and you were too cheap to buy hiking boots) you wore runners, I recommend climbing back down the ascend trail, Yoshida. From the 7th station upward, the Yoshida Trail is like rock climbing, it’s really fun to go up. At least for me =P So on the descend you will bump into alot of people who are ascending, this will drag out your descend time. But I think it’s better for your ankles =P

I disliked the Subashiri descend Trail as I was wearing Nike running shoes (LunarGlides), which had zero grip on gravel. Also there were not many rest stops on this trail at all. And you’ll encounter bulldozer like trucker transporting goods = DUST EVERYWHERE!

Though that said I am bias, as I was dead by then and just grumpy =P

So points to keep in mind, when loving Fujisan:

  1. Wear hiking boots.
  2. Constantly sunscreen.
  3. Bring warm clothes, and lots of water. Unless you’re a rich dude.
  4. Descend via Yoshida Trail.
  5. REST!
  6. Finally, HAVE FUN!!!! =DDD

Story Time:

Asano said he couldn’t carry on after the 8th Station. So Mike and I carried on without him. Mike finally let me know the altitude sickness was getting to him and he needed to have a sleep at the 8.5th Station. So I let him have a 20min nap before we needed to carry on again.  Well Mike napped, and I tried to (and failed), an oyaji sat down next to me. He brought his doggy along and was trying to make shoes for him outta some human gloves! IMAG4728I offered to help him hold the dog as he made the shoes, as the dog was getting really excited. I didn’t know how to say this in Japanese, so i just said “Help??” as I reached out to hold the leash. He pulled the leash closer to him and had a OMGWTFISHAPPENING look so I said “er.. nevermind” hahahah =(

After Mike woke up, we continued up to the 9th Station. It’s not really a Station, it’s just a dilapidated shrine (again), Mike said he really needed to rest as he was getting really nauseous. I was getting pretty tired myself. It was abt 4:25am by this stage I believe. IMG_0350So, I decided to call it quits (disappointing, I know T______T ) and camp out at the 9th Station for a sunrise spot. I am not going to lie, just being stationed for 30mins waiting for the rise, it was FKN FREEZING! But I busied myself walking and jumping around, looking for tripod spots. I didn’t manage to find any, as there was a guard (I think) there, and he was telling off the Japanese people who stood on the shrine’s roof. Never the less, I got some really really nice shots:DSC00198 IMG_0358 IMG_0360 IMG_0371 IMG_0373 IMG_0375 IMG_0376This one by far is my favourite shot, I wish I asked the Japanese for their contacts to send the pics to them. I think they would appreciate it, but my brain was pretty dead by then “SUN UP GET SHOT”:DSC00210You can see the fallen broken roof of the shrine here in this shot too. My second favourite, which I didn’t even know I took, is:DSC00215My cybershot’s screen had carcked it sometime in Tokyo, and the LCD was leaking, so I actaully cannot see anything I’m taking with it, but I just luck it with the panorama setting (after a million takes) and hope I get something good! Which I have, several times =PDSC00207DSC00211 DSC00212 DSC00213

The sun peeked it’s head out around 5am. Well according to my photos it was 5am on the dot! Japan and it’s super accurate timing! =P Probably around 5:30-45am, we made out way up to the peak. Just before the peak, a Torii gate with Guardian Lions will greet you:IMG_0377 some old guy ruined my shot, so I just took one of him and his wife HAHAIMG_0378 IMG_0380 we look like shit. by this stage I think we’d been on fuji for 21hrs. No sleep for me! XDIMG_0382

Here are some pics from just getting through the gate, and around the peak where you can find lots of hot food! Mind you its really expensive!!IMG_0386 IMG_0388 DSC00216 DSC00218 DSC00220 IMAG4732 IMAG4737 IMAG4741Oh so Mike just passed the fk out the moment we got to the top, hence all my shots were seflies, or well no proof that I was there =( Well he was out cold, I went to get the most expensive curry udon ever. 1,000yen for curry and udon (NO MEAT!). Regardless, I was so hungry that it was possibly the most delicious curry udon I’ve ever had XDIMAG4734

For the descend we wanted to “rush” to meet Asano again. So we took the FAST trail… Subashiri Trail. IT IS SHIT HOUSE! It is like 6 hrs of .. ok myb faster but the last of sleep for 21+hrs and counting had got to us.. downhill was a mixture of gravel, rocks, sand/dustinyoureyesandeverywhere! This equated to slippage haven. I was cut as! I also got burnt cause I sunscreened my face but no where else……….. (T____T ) The scenery was also pretty terrible, so there are no photos =P And we didn’t make it back in time to meet Asano, because we were so dead and out of it we had to rest alot. and killed my ankles. 

We had a quick bite to eat here.The next photo set is when we were much closer to the Kawaguchiko 5th Station, which is once again, in-the-clouds arena! =D Making some rock formations we seen before but no idea what it means.. speaking of which.. I’ve been meaning to google it XDIMAG4752Turns out you could HORSE IT BACK TO THE 5th STATION!!!! =OIMAG4754IMAG4756We grabbed a quick bite to eat here as it was around 12:30pm by now. The food is expensive here too. 1,000yen for omurice, but once again most delicious omurice ever xP IMAG4757Then we caught a really crowded bus back down to Kawaguchiko Station. During the ride, we had to stand up for the whole 50mins back down. And I swear I almost headbutted people around 10 times, my legs kept giving out too and I almost just fell over. So tired =P

Finally, we check into our accomodation just next to Fujisan Station, Hotel Fuyokaku. Check out my burns ( T___T )IMAG4763

I have never loved a shower this much xD I medicated the burns and passed the fk out XD

Here’s a bonus pic of limited edition cupnoodles =DIMAG4765



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