Singapore means a crazy happy (and fat) me!

2013-08-14-02-01-00_decoSince touching down last night, I have pretty much ate  non-stop hahah \( ^O^ )/

I had dinner with my brother and sister-in-law at a food court at NEX. Forgot to take pics cause I was starving! Had wonton charsiew mee, black chai tow kueh, and chendol. Then I came home and devoured mao shan wang durian!!! mmmmmm =D

This morning, I had nonya style zhong zhe. SOOO GOOOD *insert tears of happiness emote* This is glutinous rice flour stuffed with sweet pork (specially cooked of course =P) and wrapped in a triangular pyramid shape, then boiled in water. Delicious!2013-08-14-02-01-59_deco

2013-08-14-02-04-59_decoThen I went to town and got my hurrrr did at Queen’s Cut at Far East. I ended up falling asleep at the hair washing sink. This was the first salon I have been to where the hair wash seat was like a bed! You lie down totally flat! It was so comfortable! I also got a Death Star for my head! xD

I really loved the end result of my hair. I asked for root touch up, highlights, treatment and just a fringe trim. They were so helpful and explained everything they were doing. Really wonderful service. And they had a promo price of $128SGD for colour+highlights and they threw in a free scalp treatment for me!  Definitely recommend =) Here’s a picture of the hair colour (don’t mind me.. I look really tired X[ )

Later on, I had to go look for some stuff for Khoius… so for lunch I had CHEESE MOCHI =D AND DONUT HOLES! I got them from the Sun Moulin Bakery in Shaw House/Lido. They are like my favourite snack! I demolish many =D2013-08-14-02-02-53_deco

For dinner, I met up with my older brother’s friend and just ate at Food Republic@313 Sommerset. Once again, I forgot to take pics. I had Beef Noodles and Kueh Pie Ti. nom nom!

Then we met up with my cousin and his wonderful gf at Jibiru Craft Beer and many wonderful beers were had! As well as HILARIOUS conversation ♥♥♥ 2013-08-14-02-03-55_deco

ahhh… glad to be home v( ^___^ )v


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