wtf is Pietro?

soooo… i’m well and truly addicted to animal crossing… because i told myself i would write cover letters for jobs in sg, but i spent most of the day trying to find Pietro to give him balloon EVERYTHING. but shit! he’s not at home, he’s not walking around like he said he would WHERE IS HE!?

oh i found him in the re-tail shop once today, but i couldn’t gift him anything cause he was deciding on what to buy from the shop! rar!


ps. i did write cover letters, and my friend help me make it awesome and i applys for the jobs in themotherland weeeeeeeee

EDIT 17.07.13 – WHO IS PIETROpietro

Pietro is what some may call a fkn scary ass clown sheep, BUT I LOVE HIM!! XD He’s super cute! especially when he waves byebyeeee! His Japanese name is Jupetti, ジュペッティ. SUCH A CUTE NAME!!! KYAAA~~~

He’s a new character to New Leaf, with a new personality, “Smug”. Contrary to popular belief, apparently “Smug” in Animal Crossing means to they will be “very polite, kind, and gentlemanly, and will easily get along with other villagers. They seem to be a mix between all villagers. The villager will occasionally flirt with the player if they are female.

Hopefully he’ll never change his clothes, because he NEEDS to stay colourful AND fat =D

tumblr_mp2oxgqx4M1r63gwgo1_500 tumblr_mlhlmmdNeA1rl90zio1_500

SOOOOO CUTE!!! Also, I planted flowers all around his house last night. I hope he stays in my town FOREVER! =DD


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